Monday, October 31, 2011

a slightly supernatural tale on halloween night

In January of 2007 I was sent to India with another senior member of my team to help train some people in the New Delhi office. We stayed in a Hilton hotel called The Trident and it was the first time I flew business class.

Part of the work was visiting some middle-class Indian households and in one such household we met an astrologer who was well-known in the area. People flocked to him for readings. Since we were there, we decided to give it a try.

My companion and friend, G, had a boyfriend at that time and they were okay. But the astrologer said that she will not be marrying that boyfriend. He also said that she will meet her husband-to-be through something that is transportation-related, and that she will get married in the month of September. He said she will be rich and happy.

They all came true. Almost to the letter.

For my part, I have yet to wait for my destiny, or path, to manifest itself. I have already forgotten a lot of the details but mine had to do with spring -- either I meet my husband-to-be at that time or he becomes my boyfriend or I get proposed to within that period. The astrologer also said that India, or something Indian, will have something to do with my knowing when it is time or when it is the One.

He also said I will have a happy marriage and I will be rich, but not as rich as G because I shop too much.

I wonder.

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