Sunday, October 16, 2011

braving the malls on a sunday sale

I picked up my sister at 9:45am. The mall opens at 10am. I decided to take the chance of bringing my car and finding parking. We were lucky. We found a pretty good parking spot.

Very cheap breakfast of multi grain bagels from a French bakeshop, at a buy-one-take-one deal for only Php48. My sister had coffee (with a free brownie) for only Php30 and I had a bottle of water for Php20.

Found the books I wanted in the bookstore and checked the prices. It would be much cheaper to get them via Kindle. Went to another bookstore that sold second hand books and I could not resist a book on sewing projects for only Php145. (I also decided I want to include selected vintage books in my vintage store.)

Found a potential replacement for the super-dilapidated kitchen shelf in my parents' house. Will see how I can fit it into the budget.

Found the camera I want at a discounted price with a special 0% interest for a 12-month installment. 3-year-warranty. I am seriously considering it.

I need to make more money.

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