Tuesday, October 18, 2011

after more than a decade of dilly-dallying

Please welcome my new companion:

Bought on a hard-to-resist installment deal with zero interest. It has been price-reduced because its next-level brother has been launched.

Last night and this morning I have been like a child discovering a whole new universe. Every successful shot (I have jumped bravely into aperture-priority setting) got me grinning from ear to ear.

I still have a lot to learn, including memorizing all the buttons and switches and every number and letter on my camera. But I am pretty excited to take this particular journey -- definitely I have come so far from trying to take a moody dramatic shot of a rooster on a late sunny afternoon while using a super old 35mm film camera that can only click and nothing else. That was me in high school or college I think. The photo did not even come out in the developing because it was either over or under exposed and the photo developer took the liberty of deciding not to print it anymore.

After that self-searching post about photography (helped a lot by a beautiful course I am taking right now), I am now better set with what I want to happen in my life. Shedding and clearing away the stuff that derail or discourage you is not an easy task but knowing the stuff that do matter to you no matter what will take you a good long way.

And I do believe that when you know where you want to go, the universe will conspire to show you the way.


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