Friday, December 27, 2013

my Christmas week

Putting some semblance of order on my vintage LPs and fixing my music and art nook.

Trying out my new Derwent watercolour pencils which is my Christmas gift to myself

Reading this book in less than three days and deciding that I love Jane Eyre.

Discovering a new source of calligraphy ink and trying this one out (a bit too thick and dries too quickly)

This post will not be complete without a cat.

Started on serious self-studying. I'm putting together a curriculum for myself to become better-versed in subjects that I am highly interested in.

A few of my favorite gifts - new nib holders,
And new inks

Christmas evening at the mall where I rummaged through a book sale and found these

My dearest grandma and me

Today I met up with my best friend who is visiting from Canada and that will be for the next post!

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