Thursday, February 14, 2013

a valentine birthday

Grandma and I
Born on Valentine's Day. That's me. Valentine eve was spent with my sister sleeping over and the two of us doing a Supernatural marathon -- the Winchester brothers can easily dispel real-life disappointments with real-life men.

My sister treated me to sandwich, donut, and coffee on the night before my birthday. It was part of her birthday gift. It has been a while since we spent cafe time together with just the two of us. I brought a book but did not get to read it.

Next morning was my breakfast treat at McNeighbor.

Then it was a special home-cooked lunch at my parents' house where I received the loveliest gifts. Afternoon was spent visiting my grandmother, watching more Supernatural, then a nap, then reading, then I treated the family to dinner at my dad's latest favorite chinese restaurant.

Lots of happy greetings and wishes on Facebook and by text message. Everyone who really mattered to me sent a greeting. I am joyful!

I'l post my gifts tomorrow as I need light to take photos and it is very late evening.

Nobody sent me a Valentine-related gift. No suitors or secret admirers revealing themselves.

I did get a small project though, and I will be working tomorrow afternoon which will let me pay some of this month's bills.

I am toying with an idea for a practical solution to getting more projects but I need to consider it carefully. It's on territory that I never really felt right in but it's an option. I'll see where the consideration takes me. I really want to go to England.

My three birthday wishes:
1) a happy steady source of sufficient income (something that will make me wake up eagerly in the morning so I can get to work)
2) a perfect husband (perfect for me, not perfect template)
3) a long visit to England

They say you should keep your wishes secret, but some say you should declare them to the Universe.  I choose to do the latter to stir up the energies towards their fulfillment.

Any wishes you care to share? :)


  1. I have the same wishes as you, except maybe, right now I would prefer a long vacation at a clean, quiet beach :D

  2. Belated Happy Birthday..