Thursday, April 12, 2012

syrupy slow

That is how today is. The day is bright and hot. The air is thick with heat and humidity. I managed to finish a number of to-dos in the morning (except for swimming because the pool was scheduled to be cleaned today), But after lunch I was caught up in a languid spiral towards sleep. I was seeing dream-images even before my eyes were fully closed or even before I could fully rest my head.

I woke up half an hour later, still heavy with sleep but starting to recover some sense of reality. I was thirsty, as if I've trekked through a desert, although my dreams were mostly about running around a small office that looked like a cliche from the 70s. I gulped down a glass of cold water, then I settled by the window with two fresh cold oranges (bought already peeled at a discount -- it's the supermarket's way of selling fresh fruits that only have a few days left in them).

the cold sweet-tangy juice burst into my mouth as i bite. cold pulp bits soothe my tongue and throat. orange scent mist around my face.
When the oranges were gone I made myself finish up the chores so I would have absolutely nothing to do until dinner.

As for work, I still have one more document to finish but I made a firm decision to finish it early tomorrow morning. The heat would not let me work in peace. And the sun kept on shimmering outside, distracting me. So rather than trap myself in front of the laptop for the rest of the beautiful day trying to complete a document that my mind could not focus on, I decided to let it rest. Looking at my to-do-list, I have about 2/3 done. The rest are due for this evening, and a couple have been bumped forward to tomorrow.

After this post I will lose myself in my books. Somehow I find myself in a very intense reading mode. I actually want to just read for days, only pausing to eat, swim, bathe, and maybe a little sleep. In the daytime I want to be by the open window, reading, with endless cups of coffee alternating with endless glasses of ice-cold fruit juice. In the nighttime I want to be in bed, my feet cushioned in a blanket, my back and head propped up by pillows, reading, while very soft music faintly plays beneath the silence of the night (maybe the soundtrack from the likes of Il Postino and Chocolat).

I want more oranges.

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  1. Those oranges look awesome. Great picture!