Friday, March 9, 2012

removal of obstacles

I've been working all day on multiple tasks for two projects. I had an early dinner at around 6pm then resumed working. Then as I was in between tasks I found myself starting to sketch. I got up and took my Ganesha from the shelf to help me along because it was turning out that I was trying to sketch him. I got the figurine when I was in India - when I met that astrologer who told me many things that I have yet to see.

Ganesha is popularly known as a Remover of Obstacles and I can certainly use that on a number of things in my life right now. However I have also heard it said that his favors can also be tricky in some way, like they will manifest in ways you never expect or in ways that will make you think like the opposite is happening.

In any case, he seemed to have helped remove some of my creative block tonight. So, thank you, Lord Ganesh. I appreciate the inspiration. :)

And dear Lord Ganesh, could you maybe help me out with #13 too? :)

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