Thursday, March 1, 2012

coming soon!

Just a quick note to let you know that I already have a few posts lined up and they are currently in progress. I had to deal with a lot of work when I got back from Hong Kong so I could not get back fully into the blogging groove yet.

For the past days I have been doing fieldwork that starts early in the morning and finishes in the afternoon. After that I have to do some post-work and some home chores and I haven't even caught up on any sleep yet. I am also behind on some banking errands --- yikes!

But here's what's been cooking so far in my blog draft folders:

-  the return of the Baker's Dozen : 13 Best Things About My Five Days In Hong Kong
-  the Liebster Awards! -- I am so happy to receive one from Chrystina and I am putting together my own to pass forward
-  introducing Sunny Side Up, the little shop that my sister and I have been "playing" with for the past few months
-  a little story about my mom's creative history and a gallery of her drawings made way back in the 1960's!

So there -- at least you'll know that I haven't been idle nor neglectful. Although I do occasionally find myself lost in thought, dreaming...

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  1. I really like that photo!! I think the bright white dots add to bringing you into the moment :)