Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hidden little surprise

I used to collect notebooks. When I used to have a regular paycheck, one of my rewards for all the hard work was a trip to the stores and getting myself a nice notebook. I want pretty notebooks for everything -- from writing journals to taking notes in a work meeting, or brainstorming with myself during an analysis task. Even for to-do lists. For some reason, pretty notebooks inspire me and brighten me up and lend me a boost of energy.

Now I only have very few pieces left as I use up what had been left of my collection. When it is all gone I intend to start a new, but smaller, collection.

Meanwhile, as I was cleaning through my shelves I found a small unused notebook buried in between thick household and cooking books. It's a travel notebook that I bought years ago, possibly around very early 2000s.

I will certainly use this for my future trips! It has three sections that efficiently covers and categorizes the kind of trips that you may want to take.
Are you also a notebook addict like me? If you know of any good shops that sell really pretty notebooks at reasonable prices do let me know!

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