Saturday, October 1, 2011

skipped practice but whipping myself to work

I slept at 4am this morning. I did not finish the business info book but I got a good chunk figured out and a few pages all cleaned up. I got back to it again as soon as I woke up at around 10am, took a break for lunch and then back to work.

I decided to skip kendo practice today for a host of reasons : the late night and lack of sleep, the unfinished work, and the fact that I have gotten derailed from my yoga and cardio practice for the whole week. I would have been in such bad form that I would only make myself feel bad afterwards. So I'm sticking to working and getting this project DONE so I can move on to more fun things.

The good thing about making myself work this hard is finally seeing something get produced in front of my eyes. It's just tough having to sit and focus for hours because I could hear the unread books calling out to me but even when I am working slowly I could see the results of my labor. It is quite satisfying.

All this sounds weird considering I've been working myself to the bone for the past sixteen years but I guess the difference now is that I am working for me. I am my worst employee and I am my worst boss. But today both are working together.

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