Friday, September 30, 2011

fussy friday

(I have to do something about my blog post titles. They do not seem too inspired, hahaha.) 

I have very serious work to do today. So serious that some of the fun has melted off the surface of what I have to do. It's a brochure that will help promote my main business while everything else is still taking form like a baby in a mommy's tummy. I have postponed this particular work repeatedly for the past couple of months because the inspiration would not strike me. I have ideas in my head but they are not strong enough to withstand the glaring light of paper (or slide).

But today is the day. I have sketched out an outline and I am filling in the huge blanks in between. The inspiration is still elusive but it is slowly dropping some hints here and there. Besides, I am on a deadline now. The material should be out by Monday. No more dawdling about.

I sneaked a lunch at my parents' house because I was out of food.

Corned beef sauteed with onions and fried potatoes
Scrambled eggs with onions 
Tocino - a local specialty of fried marinated pork. The toasted portions are the yummiest.
KitKat for dessert!
After lunch I was planning to work a bit at my parents' house but somehow I got agitated and strangely claustrophobic and I needed to leave as soon as I could. It's not the house, it's me. It's like there is not enough space and time for everything that I wanted and needed to do. I have been getting this overwhelmed feeling since yesterday. I think it's the whole transition phase of this week -- it is Friday after all and I've been on some sort of a high since Sunday.

Anyway back to (very serious) work.  I'll give my mom a call later and promise her to stay longer next time.

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