Saturday, May 19, 2012

art journal progress

One of my Life List goals is to go back to my art journalling - basically it meant writing and making collage art in my journal almost every day. I used to do it when I was still going to school but when I finished college and found a job, most of my creative activities were slowly shelved.

I have managed to get back slowly into writing journals (by this I mean pen and paper) but it was only yesterday that I stumbled into the perfect groove of turning it into an important part of my day. The key idea was putting everything together. I realized that I have scattered too many pieces of my selves across different files (on paper and online and in computer files) and it has become very difficult for me to trace myself. So I decided to gather all these pieces of me and pour them all in a single journal -- all thoughts, morning pages, ideas, random notes, quotations, and even lists. I realized that in my effort to "organize", I overdid it and oversplit my life into too many categories thereby rendering the whole quite incomprehensible and without pattern nor easily discernible meaning.

So when I sat down to pull my selves back together, the themes in my mind and my heart were cohesion, wholeness, integration, unity, harmony. As I pooled many bits of myself together I started to feel energy pooling as well. Energy that I can use to fuel more creativity.

And as I write this I also realize that this is yet another part of my distillation process -- of keeping only what is essential in my life and trimming away all that do not contribute to my learning and growth.

Have a fruitful weekend!

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  1. You always inspire me with all your creativity. I love it :) Good luck compiling :)